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I found this grammar lesson. I guess tenses are tricky for those of us who are improving our English

Idioma Extra

Present Perfect

The present perfect uses the following formula:

subject + have/has + (not) + past participle + other.

Have(n’t)/has(n’t) + subject + past participle + other?

We have two uses for the present perfect:

1) Past events with a strong connection to the present

  • You haven’t eaten very much.
  • I have ridden a camel.
  • I haven’t read his letter.
  • Have you seen my calculator?
  • Haven’t you been to Canada? I thought you went last year.

2) With words of unfinished times

  • I’ve played tennis 3 times already this week* and it’s only Thursday!
  • I’ve seen that film already.
  • I’ve lived in Germany since1986.
  • Have you everseen a ghost?
  • Has the postman come yet?

*this week = Use present perfect when the week is unfinished. When the week is over, use the simple past.

I went to the mall three times this week. I don’t…

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