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personality quiz

Discover your strengths


December is a good time to look back, introspect and plan ahead. I like to discover my strengths and work on it. I would say, my strengths are writing, sharing, helping kids and others discover their dreams, their hidden plans and make them come true in a structured, step-by-step manner. I am a great believer in setting goals- both long-term and short-term. Thats how we can build focus and not get distracted.

I know many friends(esp. at- home mothers)  who feel that its no use planning, because it will never come true. Also it takes a lot of reflection, in-depth planning, syching with other family members and so on. No time for that. To them, I’ll say it will all be worth your while because slow and STEADY is the only way we can live our values and make our goals come true. I will not yet say DREAMS. We’ll come to that in a few months.

One way to begin this journey is to take a personality test. Lets take any one of these free tests (no need to take an expensive For Fee test):








Simplifying the Four dimensions of personality:

  • Extraversion/Introversion: this dimension describes our approach to managing our energy levels
  • Sensing/Intuition: this dimension describes our style of thinking about facts and ideas
  • Thinking/Feeling: this dimension describes our orientation to personal values, biases, beliefs and other subjective inclination.
  • Judging/Perceiving dimension describes our approach to goals and time management or how we make desicions or the big picture of life.

The goal of the personality test is to help us find our personality type, out of sixteen possibilities, which best reflects our attitudes and behavior.

Top questions in my mind:

1. Can a quiz give an objective view of our personality, when we are not consistent from day to day?

2. Can the results help us find ourselves and guide us to remain our authentic self or our true self?

3. Is this a valid way to set our goals? There are so many Personality Tests. Have you taken any?

What are your views? Do respond in the comments box ot write to me at prasannawrites@gmail.com


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I am keen on the fun element of learning for kids and for grownups. So sharing my experiences and learnings at appmothers.wordpress.com

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