Experiential Learning: Hands on ≠ Minds on

Question like this:
What are you doing?
Why are you doing it?
What does this help you do that’s important?

Selene Y. Willis

Perusing the amazing blogs out there on WordPress I came across this post on “Being Hands on vs Minds on” by Grant Wiggins on his blog” Granted and… “. I often struggle with this balance because sometimes have to just get through something. However for my projects this is something I repeat over and over and over. “Why should we care? Why should it matter that we know this?” When I get to work on that PhD this is something I really want to dive into. Metacognition is so important but how to be include it all the time in our lessons and train our students to want to be metacognitive thinkers. Here is what Wiggins says about this…

Hands on ≠ Minds on

I recently visited Thetford Academy in Vermont (one of the few and interesting public-private academies in New England) where they have a formal and explicit commitment to “experiential learning.” So…

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