More on Multiple Intelligences Quiz

I was struggling to demystify Multiple Intelligences in words, and checked how others have done it.

Thats when I found this video, thank you Mr. Thompson.

Once we have found out what are our strengths or strong Intelligences, we can use certain types of learning and working experiences to strengthen them. There is an insightful MI Immerson SURFAQUARIUM designed by Walter McKenzie:

AppMom MISurfarium

So a Linguistic Smart person like me can develop myself in multiple ways:

I can develop my poet intelligence writing Haiku


As an interpreter or story reteller as in:


Use GarageBand on an iPhone or MixCraft for PCs and audioblog.


Engage with the voicethread community


Use WizIQ or YouTube and Podcast

I cannot help sharing this video about someone who knows her strength:

Time for me to explore all of these. So many possibilities!!! To energize myself, Anthony Robbins’ video on Top Right Hand Corner is enough.

How about you? What type of Intelligences are you working on?


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I am keen on the fun element of learning for kids and for grownups. So sharing my experiences and learnings at

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