Goal setting – Social, interpersonal goals

Appmothers blog: Happy New Year e card

Happy New Year

I prefer to make my social goals as the calendar pages turn. Not my work goals or professional goals.

Year end or New Year reminds us about our other roles in life, especially as children, parents, brothers and sister, spouses, friends. Therefore, this a good time to set non-work goals.

Year end reminds me that we are all part of a larger picture. That there is a continuity in this generational journey and we are capable of unconditional love. We are enriched by unconditional love. Psychology tells us – we are who we are because of the unconditional love we have received.

It is time to nurture all the larger community. Thank you, parents. Thank you, brothers and sisters. Thank you, neighbours. This quarter, I took up voluntary teaching assignment with under-served children. This does bring me 4 days a week of happiness. What voluntary work gives you happiness?


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I am keen on the fun element of learning for kids and for grownups. So sharing my experiences and learnings at appmothers.wordpress.com

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