Online safety: hands-on experiment by teacher

Bour, a school teacher, used a teachable moment. She wrote in all caps and simply addressed to “Dear Facebook,” read in part:

“My 12-year-old students think it is ‘no big deal’ that they are posting pictures of themselves in bras or with their middle finger in the air. Please help me out by sharing this image and commenting with where you live to show these young students how quickly their images can get around.”

Within hours of posting it on her Facebook page earlier this month, Bour’s letter went viral. It has since reached all 50 states plus dozens of countries around the world, including Australia, Saudi Arabia, England and Germany.

Bour has deleted the original post, but copies of it continue to circulate — another important lesson for her students. Just because you delete a social media post or a photo, doesn’t mean it’s completely erased from the Internet.


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