Teaching Math To Toddlers

Start with verbalizing the numbers in every activity- 2 balls, 10 teeth, 10 fingers. That way they get the number sense. Excellent article, Papa Libertarian.


Four generations of my family – or more – are very good with math, often testing years ahead of the curve. Why? Is it all genetics? Or are we doing something different?

Many folks imagine flash cards and lessons and worksheets. Too slow, too late, possibly counter-productive and ineffective.

Changing diapers should be a pleasant process. If baby is fussing, cuddle and soothe. Tell them what’s happening. I almost never in my life changed a crying or squirmy child. After everything is done, thank them, and count their toes and fingers. One, two, three, four, five little toes. Do the little piggy routine. They are learning that grownups use number words. They’re learning the idea of counting, even before they can verbalize it.

Play clapping games. Clap twice. Toddler claps twice. Clap three times. Rinse and repeat. Count as you clap. Even pre-verbal children enjoy emulating the number of claps.

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