Communication – The Holy Grail of Relationships

I too believe that self-awareness opens up the learner towards learning. That is a pre-condition for most of us who think we are very smart; and have nothing to learn

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“Communication is key”… We’ve all heard this a million times, but there is certainly truth to this old adage. Communication is one of the top issues that Loving couple with hot drinks on tablecouples state they are struggling with. It is the holy grail of relationships.

Time and time again, I find that couples in counseling are discouraged about how they can’t seem to work through conflicts and discuss everyday issues. “We fight too much and we can’t talk about anything without arguing,” they say.

Typically this can indicate that the couple is facing difficulties in other areas of their relationship such as unresolved conflict, inconsistent connection, desires for more intimacy, troubled co-parenting, unsatisfying sex, smothered independence, postponed life goals, and so on. Communication skills set the foundation for conversations that couples must have to keep their relationship balanced and healthy. If they can’t communicate, then they can’t have conversations about the issues above. That is why communication is the holy grail of relationships.


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