How To Learn Better: Space Out and Get Tested, Early and Often


Dan Spira

Happy Labo(u)r Day!   As millions of students in North America get ready to put away their whites, swimsuits, cut-offs or whatever else the kids are wearing these days, the New York Times hits the Back-to-School ground running with a nice Learning-about-Learning-themed article by Benedict Carey:

 Forget What You Know About Good Study Habits

(  (HT DRZ)

This is one of those “latest in learning research” stock pieces, part of a decades-old drumbeat of “Everything You Learned about Learning is Wrong” set of ideas which surprisingly haven’t become part of accepted wisdom among teachers, trainers, instructional designers and students (thereby creating ongoing opportunities for the multi-million-dollar industry of Instruction-About-Instruction books, seminars and workshops). Carey touches on a few of the proven methods of enhancing the effectiveness of learning which are seldom employed by teachers/students, and which are often ignored or contravened.

Why is this article news to anyone?

Why are the proven/validated “Learning-About-Learning” ideas so often ignored?  Some reasons include:

  • bad…

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