Keeping it Fresh: Why Variety and Novelty Matter in Education, Instructional Design, Leadership Development, and More

Excellent article, Dan Spira. Loved it!

Dan Spira

A lot of authors begin their essays, articles and/or books with the statement that there has been much hype, many essays, articles and/or books written by wannabe gurus about the topic which they are about to write about.

In this way, we the readers can infer that they, the author, are the true guru on the topic… or at least a no-nonsense, non-wannabe guru.

So it was with some enjoyment-yet-rolling-of-the-eyes that I read the following no-nonsense excerpt from the book, Good Boss, Bad Boss by Robert Sutton, on Fast Company a few months ago: Good Bosses Are The Same Today As They Were In 1992  (HT AnneS). 

The excerpt begins as follows:

“A lot of people write business books: about eleven thousand are published each year. There are armies of consultants, gurus, and wannabe thought leaders, and thousands of management magazines, radio and TV shows, websites, and blogs.”

From there, the…

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