Productive Meetings … 5 Keys!

Always, identify the purpose or objective one is hoping to achieve. Then go ahead and focus…

The Training Shelf

Meeting TemplateI know that meetings get a bad rap. People hate them. They think that meetings are gigantic wastes of time. In 2011, Harris Interactive surveyed more than 2,000 workers about status meetings, and 70 percent said that status meetings don’t help them accomplish their work.

A Microsoft survey tracking office productivity contacted 38,000 workers around the world to identify “productivity pitfalls.” Respondents reported that two out of every five days on the job were wasted. The main culprit: “ineffective meetings.”

It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, if you want to become a great company, you have to hold productive meetings if you want to achieve RESULTS. That’s what this section is all about.
Meetings can help you be more productive, not less. They can actually save you time instead of wasting it.

The 5 Keys

Purpose – Every productive meeting has a purpose. Participants should know what…

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