Writing as communication: a game for writers

Thats really creating a shared understanding….sharing vulnerabilities

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The first rule of writing is to communicate clearly. Here’s an example of a piece of writing that fails as an act of communication, and a game I use to remind writers what a complex technology written communication is.

Video transcript follows below:

I spend a lot of time reading unpublished writing. I’ve done this when I’ve read slush piles for publishers, and also when working with students who are studying writing. And one of the biggest problems beginning writers have, and it’s a problem that I’ve often had, is that their writing fails the first fundamental test – it fails as an act of communication.

See, writing is before all else a highly advanced and complex communication system. It’s a method by which an idea can be communicated from one person to another person without those people having ever met – possibly without them having even lived in the…

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