Elements of Strong Relationships

Agree with you, John A. O’Toole.

“We need honesty, acceptance and dependability. And how about compassion, forgiveness and freedom, and the ability to successfully negotiate conflicts?”


Source of Strenght

This was sent to me by The Pacific Institute

What makes a good relationship work? What makes a good relationship turn bad and fall apart? Let’s talk about what it takes to build solid relationships.

Most people would never consider jumping off a cliff into the sea without some expertise in swimming, but almost all of us jump into relationships without a clue about how to make them work.

We’ve never given much thought to what a really good relationship needs, or about what skills the people in the relationship should have, if they really want to get the most out of it. Nevertheless, we seem to expect some version of happily-ever-after to follow, and when it doesn’t, we’re often surprised and disillusioned.

But if we want strong, loving relationships, we need strong and open communication skills, demonstrations of affection that are genuine and understood, and a great deal of…

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