Listening is not agreeing

We cannot work together, if we do not listen to each other. That is not to say that we have to appease our obstinate child; or whining subordinate; or unreasonable customer. Actively listen; so that the other person responds and feels comfortable for the conversation. There is no feeling that it is a one-sided situations. If the other person is on the defensive….then no real communication can take place. There would be no compliance, there would be no improvement, there would be no teamwork. Period.

There has to be a perception of a level playing field. For that:

This is important – Tell The Other Person That You Really Heard
-Acknowledge what others are saying. Mirror or Rephrase what the other person said.
Say that I see your point. Validate others’ positions before promoting your own.
-Concentrate on listening without jumping to your views. If it is totally unreasonable, don’t interrupt; write down the exact words which the other person is saying.

YOU CAN VALIDATE THE POSITION  of others without agreeing with them.

-Separate high standards of conversation from disapproval and judgment. Don’t yet place yourself in a position of judgement.

YOU STILL ARE NOT AGREEING, just listening; clearing the barriers of communication.

Try this …and let me know what you feel


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