Phone Racing with the Boss – Communication Challenge

Thank you Cynthia, Speak Easy Coach. This is a good case study for me to use later for Difficult Conversations on my blog. May I have your permission to paraphrase it?

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My problem is speaking to my boss via the telephone. I find that it’s hard to get a word in during a conversation, yet if I’m not quick to respond to a question, he gets annoyed. I find myself very often talking over him which is annoying to me and to him, I’m sure. Sometimes I’m so frustrated after a conversation I want to scream! He can be very rushed at times as he is usually very busy and short on time.


Frustrated at Work


Dear Frustrated,

This is a situation that can be managed over time, using a variety of strategies.

Let’s start with your reactions during and following these phone calls.  It’s likely that the relationship with your boss has many more elements to it that are frustrating to you than just these rushed phone conversations.  If you had ample regular access to your boss and…

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  1. Thank you for re-blogging my Speak Easy Blog posting. I am very pleased to share links. Since people have unintentionally misrepresented or distorted and then posted my recommendations in the past I would always want to verify how I’m being credited and approve any language paraphrasing of what I’ve recommended.


    • Thanks, Cynthia. I will say- inspired by this post by Cynthia Friedlander: Phone Racing with the Boss, with a link to your post. I plan to write another similar scenario, with similar advice…no direct quotes.
      I’ll send you the post for review, Cynthia. Thanks, again, Prasanna


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