7 Ways to Screw-up Your Team

The Training Shelf

Screw up Yoour TeamThe worst things that a manager can do to (or for) their teams are to take actions that lead to decreased performance, a slump in engagement and increased turnover. This must be true because the most common reason individuals give for quitting their job is their immediate supervisor or manager. The other side of this coin is that the best supervisors, team leaders or managers help to create and inspire approximately a 25% increase in performance.

What actually makes the difference between an excellent supervisors, team leaders and managers is the relationships they build with their direct reports, through multiple daily interactions. Here are seven ways to screw-up.

1. Trying to be a buddy
It is nearly impossible to be both a buddy and a good boss. To succeed at leadership, supervisors, team leaders or managers abandon our normal desire to be liked. Appropriate and professional interpersonal relationships are important…

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