Seven Ways to Ensure Excellent Customer Service


The Training Shelf

Customer Service is King“We are what we repeatedly do, therefore, Excellence is not an act but a habit”Artistole

Are companies like Amazon, Uber and Starbucks permanently setting a high bar for all product and service providers? Another question; Are customer service levels dropping while service expectations are rising?

With the waves of disruptive innovation rolling through the economy, fueled by technology and new business models, traditional businesses should make service excellence the cornerstone of their growth strategy in order to stay competitive.

Service expectations are high these days, largely driven by massively expanding options from low-cost, technology-enabled global companies that can be competitive on price, selection and service. Traditional businesses will lose ground as the knowledge driven consumer and new business models, enabled by mobility, cloud technology and e-commerce, compete for discretionary spending.

For example, CarMax, the largest used-vehicle retailer in the U.S., uses a fixed price, no commission sales…

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