The Grand Tour

Great…”what I lacked in bearded gravitas I made up for in enthusiasm.” Even corporates enjoy Open Days. Infectious enthusiasm beats structured events


I felt like Moses in one of those old Charlton Heston movies. Arms spread wide, a flock of people following me, listening as I walked backward across campus. All I needed was a pair of sandals and some flowing robes to go with my little sermon.

photo 5 (1)Truth be told, I was nowhere near grand enough to make it into a Cecil B. Demille picture, but what I lacked in bearded gravitas I made up for in enthusiasm. It was my first campus tour, delivered to prospective seventh graders and their families, and I realized halfway through that not only was I having a good time, but I wished every one of my teachers (and students too) had an opportunity to give a tour like this.

Talking about Diegueño comes easy; we’re a dynamic learning community, with strong teachers, kind kids, and state of the art technology. Our classrooms aren’t all…

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