REAL Problem Solving at the Elementary Level

I really love this…will use this technique

Beyond Traditional Math

One of the things that I struggle with as an educator, is how to incorporate real problem solving in mathematics instruction.  As an adult, I don’t sit down and think about how if Johnny gave me 3 apples and Julie took 1, how many I would have left.  That type of simple math is probably useful for K-1, but not for 2nd grade and beyond. The intermediate grades are READY for multi-step, complex problems that require creativity and critical thinking.  The problems that are part of our math series are not deep, nor are they relevant to student’s lives. They don’t differentiate for gifted and talented students, and they definitely aren’t always appropriate for students with special needs.

Last year when I handed out the Problem of the Day book, supplied by our math series, I cringed a little.  Students didn’t open up these books the same way they open…

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