The Heart of Math and Science

very interesting…for younger kids

Adventures in Teaching My Own

When I use to teach in the classroom, holidays would often saturate the day.  I would find ways to celebrate the holiday while also incorporating opportunities for learning.  Trying to find something to do with all those candy hearts from Valentine’s Day in addition to eating them, we spent some time exploring some math and science with candy hearts.

We started with some sorting and counting (as I mentioned in my last post, it’s one of Big Brother’s favorite things to do). We graphed the candy hearts by color.  Big Brother is working on learning the difference between rows and columns.  After creating our graph, we talked about the concepts of more and less and practiced adding/subtracting by comparing and combining various color combinations.  He was very excited that his two favorite colors tallied up to have the most. (Okay, maybe I rigged it a bit)  It was decided…

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