SWOT Analysis: A new look and Top questions

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Opportunities and threats in SWOT ANALYSIS Template

Here is the template for SWOT Analysis that I use. Do you use a template? Or have you discovered a SWOT Analysis template that you can share with us and our readers? How to find out Opportunities and Threats in SWOT?

How to find out Opportunities and Threats-  These were the top questions I asked: What opportunities to learn are open to me now Or in the near future? Are these new skills or improvements or deepening of skills? Can I learn or gain new knowledge through self study or reading or watching videos or tutorials? Are there experts or contacts that I can leverage for knowledge-sharing or experience sharing? Are there failures or short comings that I can fill the gap ? Are there complaints or feedback that I can find solutions to? Is there an unfulfilled or unexpressed need around me? What top questions come to my mind?

Mindtools recommends asking:

For Opportunities in SWOT Analysis:

  • What good opportunities can you spot?
  • What interesting trends are you aware of?

Useful opportunities can come from such things as:

  • Changes in technology and markets on both a broad and narrow scale.
  • Changes in government policy related to your field.
  • Changes in social patterns, population profiles, lifestyle changes, and so on.
  • Local events.

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I am keen on the fun element of learning for kids and for grownups. So sharing my experiences and learnings at appmothers.wordpress.com

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