Visual Patterns Fun!

Great practice, Kristin

Math Minds

Each day, I start class with a math routine. Whether it is a Number Talk string, If I Know Then I Know, Closest Estimate or Quick Image, those first 10-15 minutes are always my favorite math conversations of the day! Today I added Fawn’s (@fawnnguyen) Visual Patterns into the mix.  I spend a lot of class time having students look for patterns and regularity in their math work, but this visual brought a wonderfully different “feel” to their work. As Fawn had previously blogged, the Visual Patterns have an entry level for everyone and every student in my classroom engaged immediately with the images.

I chose this one to kick off our work today:

vp1 I asked the students to work as a group to find the number of unit for Steps 1 – 6, 13, 43, and then n. Being their first time, we had to deal with what the…

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