Body language: Demonstrating respect

Reading body language is easy. Demonstrating body language is tougher. Do you agree? I have been reflecting on how to show respectful body language, while being assertive. I am kind of stuck by cultural aspects of body language, especially in showing respect; rather in creating level playing field. Need more inputs…

How to demonstrate respect using body language

Keep It Level

-Experience a level playing field of communication.
-Be aware of how facial expressions say more than words.
-Monitor your voice tone to diminish dual messages.
-Express your reactions directly without apology.
-Focus on demonstrating respect in every communication.

Bottomline is : Ask yourself:

“How are others who witness these events affected? For whom is demonstrating respect most important-those involved or those who witness the incident?”

Would appreciate lots of inputs in this area.


Eye contact is crucial

Soft firm voice to improve clarity

Any other tips that you can give?


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