24 Card Game

Will try this one


Want to play a card game? Let’s play 24. It’s a fun game that helps your math. You can play by your own or with others.

24 is a simple game. You first get out four random cards. Make sure there are no Jacks, Kings, Queens, and Jockers. Then you think for a way to make 24. You can use addition, subtraction, multplication, or division. If there are two or more people, the first one to think of a solution will win. If it doesn’t work, take four new cards. It’s a really awesome game.

I feel proud of myself. I’m good at finding answers for 24. It’s a hard game but fun. You have to keep thinking and do not easily give up. It needs persistency.

I really like this game. I often play this game with my parents and my sister. If you have a deck of cards and…

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