external obstacles to … Effective Listening!

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Communication Skills CourseThe obstacles to listening we’ve discussed so far deal with the mind and the behavior of the listener or the speaker. There are two external obstacles that are not the fault of the speaker or the listener. They are sensory overload and noise.

Sensory Overload
We are subjected to thousands of messages every day that compete for our attention and create sensory overload. These stimuli bombard us from all directions: billboards, signs, advertising, political speeches and commentary, music, weather reports, traffic alerts and continuous world news and more. Sensory overload makes it harder for us to remain focused.

Auditory Noise
Auditory noise, static or construction noise makes it extremely difficult to focus on the intended message. There are visual noises, such as dim lighting or lights from passing cars that make it difficult for you to focus. You may be able to control some noise by choice of location and…

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