How tall am I?

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I recently asked this question of my Year 7 class. We were working on measurement and I thought it’d be a fairly easy introduction to the world of units of measurement.

“20 metres!”

“no, no no. 7 metres?”

Yikes. Clearly my students hadn’t really grasped the visualisation of units before this point. They seemed OK with telling me how many this were in that, and even which units to use for different distances. But actually picturing a metre? Not so great.

So I gave them a starting point : the height of a door is just over 2 metres.

“Do i have to stoop to get through the door?”

Nobody really noticed, so I went through the door again.

“ooooh, OK, 2 metres”

“Did my head nearly touch the top of the door frame?”

“not really”


“maybe a bit less than 2 metres”

Close enough. I’m 1.88m tall. This…

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