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Foldscope: Origami based microscope

I am watching this low-cost microscope…as a parent, it excites me no end…

FAQs — Foldscope: Origami based print and fold paper-microscope.

Some schools can contact Prakash Labs and check out how to engage your science students using Foldscope.


Playing with Expectations

Playing with Expectations.

Lets share Online Learning Websites…that I use for kids

Hope we can share best learning websites and create an academy

Hope we can share best learning websites and create an academy

Lets offer on the platter….

We plan to build an online or virtual library of Online learning websites (and later Tab/ Mobile Apps). In the long-term, it could become a self-learning library based broadly on say, the CBSE or ICSE curriculum or learning say, English or French or other language skills that a 10 yr old should ideally have.

Just adding links right now…will later add benefits that kids have experienced using them:

Merlot- Multimedia Educational resources- peer-reviewed by teachers and users

Youtube playlist on Indian Geography (just a sample)

Do let me know what sites have helped your child in learning curriculum related material.

I will be sharing playlists of videos

I will be sharing playlists of videos such as: (Click on the word PLAYLIST on top of the video for more)

Video on Fractions- courtsey

PLease share your favourite videos too. Just send us the URL/ Link. We will embed it as a post, with proper credits. Do add some introduction. We’ll be happy to get to know you better.


Anybody preparing for IMO- International Mathematics Olympiad 2014?

IMO- International Mathematics Olympiad 2014

DATES: First Round- 4th Dec and 18th Dec- choice by school

Class-wise Syllabus at :
TIPS: My best strategy has been to stay a chapter ahead of the class. RD Sharma’s Mathematics book for each class is another life-saver.  Several rapidshare and Torrent downloads of RD Sharma Solutions are available. There is an RD Sharma Solutions YouTube Channel by CBSE Labs.  MeritNation, Topperlearning, GyanPub ,Mathseekho  and other providers have RD Sharma Solutionmaterials (for Higher classes)  .