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Interpersonal Communication Quiz

Outcome of communication

Communication:Begin with the end in mind

As a trainer, self-awareness about ourselves; and each person in the audience can be the ideal. I cannot overemphasize the importance of building a rapport in the classroom ; or in any interpersonal context. For those who want to improve their communications, lets get down to the basics and check again to see that we don’t miss the following.

In my Communications trainings, I also  use this quiz to understand current communication styles and concerns: (a few questions in each post; with Best Answers and Tips in the next post):



Interpersonal skills: an overview

Interpersonal communication skills

Interpersonal communication skills

There are plenty of Models for Interpersonal Communication, which have value. I personally like to use the above model (refined through experience), where one decides how to communicate with colleagues, friends, family, children; based on the desired outcome.

If we want to motivate a child or team-member, there are several steps we can use before we deliver the message itself. There are other persuasive elements we can use to motivate a recent acquaintance to say, part with the phone number of his colleague. The idea is not to manipulate, but to truly engage him and his colleague in a win-win opportunity. Isn’t that how collaborative projects begin?

On the other hand, if we want to clarify study or work instructions, a feedback and clarification loop will be a better communication strategy. Listening skills have to improve too. Have you been in a situation where things got messed up because you thought the instruction was pretty simple; but not to the other person?

I surely have had several occasions like that. So I have learnt this communication model the hard way!

Goal setting – Social, interpersonal goals

Appmothers blog: Happy New Year e card

Happy New Year

I prefer to make my social goals as the calendar pages turn. Not my work goals or professional goals.

Year end or New Year reminds us about our other roles in life, especially as children, parents, brothers and sister, spouses, friends. Therefore, this a good time to set non-work goals.

Year end reminds me that we are all part of a larger picture. That there is a continuity in this generational journey and we are capable of unconditional love. We are enriched by unconditional love. Psychology tells us – we are who we are because of the unconditional love we have received.

It is time to nurture all the larger community. Thank you, parents. Thank you, brothers and sisters. Thank you, neighbours. This quarter, I took up voluntary teaching assignment with under-served children. This does bring me 4 days a week of happiness. What voluntary work gives you happiness?